Here are just a few examples of how we can enhance your special event.  They are by no means exclusive; we will always try to accommodate any of your requirements. 

Parades, Fetes, Galas, Fairs, Garden Parties, Indoor & Outdoor Events

  • We can lead, or even be, your parade. 
  • By virtue of our very nature we attract attention wherever we go, attracting an audience for your event
  • We can play during your event opening
  • We can play a session in your arena

For your Wedding - here are just some of the things we can do for your special day:

  • Pipe the guests into church
  • Pipe the bride down the aisle
  • Play during the ceremony (with the church's consent)
  • Pipe the bride & groom out of church
  • Play during the photos
  • Play visitors and bride and groom into the reception
  • Play a session at your reception

For your formal dinner - here are some things we can do to add an extra sense of tradition and ceremony

  • Play at the guest reception
  • Pipe guests into the dining room
  • Pipe in any guests of honour
  • Play a session after your meal



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Full Band

Full band from £800 

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Mini Band

 Mini band from £500 

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Solo Piper

Solo Piper from £200