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  1. "A very cold day to remember"

    I am sure this parade gets bigger every year. Thank you to all who were able to turn out.

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    Fantastic day in the sunshine at Marehay. Drummers already for the next performance. Welcome to the Clan Marcus our new tennor drummer.

    Great organised show. pleasure to be part of. You should go next year and check out the fruit and veg competition, I have never seen onions that size !

  3. Superb day out at East Bridgford as ever. Never fails to bring in the crowds, well organised. makes playing there a pleasure.

    And now about us, ha ha. well done all great playing

  4. Wow at last we have a well deserved social event for all our family and friends.

    Thanks to all is the easiest way of saying it, great evening

  5. Wow, Superb evening.

    "The best one yet" quoted by several guests.

    There are not many formal military meals these days and l love it.

    This is an opportunity for The SeaforthHNB to showcase and we sure did.

    It takes a lot of planning but without our guests it would be a lot smaller event. Thank you to all whom attended and thank you to all those who helped out. Made a great night special

    Pipe Major Robert Orridge


    Just a couple of photos of us relaxing during our first recording session. It’s like a dream come true. We have got to this stage with a lot of hard work but it’s worth it. We are actually making our first CD. It will take a while and many more sessions in the studio but it really is happening (Yay). Just sorry the pictures didn’t do as well as we did. The pictures are not particularly top quality or numerous but you cannot have everything the playing went far better than anyone thought.

  7. We remembered

    A privilege as ever to lead the parade of remembrance in Mansfield.

    A pleasant change for the weather as it was dry and only a little cold.

    Thank you to all who turned out with some special thanks to Piper Dave Abbott for the lament and our very new and smart standard bearer Jon Blaiklock  

  8. Rain or Shine we will play for you!

    Another well organised event by the East Bridgford team. Highlight for me was a flypast by a Hurricane apparently the spitfire had an oil leak.

    The weather was mixed to say the least but it did not spoil the day. Good entertainment in the arena between the rain

    Oh and of course there was a Pipe Band, good turnout good sound and mostly in step. Well done to all the band in the difficult capes on, capes off sort of way.