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Glapwell Carnival

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 Today at Glapwell Carnival accompanied by Matthew Wolfenden who plays David Metcalfe on Emmerdale

 Hot and humid at the Glapwell carnival. Sunshine all the way. It was quite a long parade in the weather but the Band were up to it. Thanks to Phil in the beer pavilion, no not just for the beer but the tap full of water we needed when we got to the field. The event was well supported by stall holders and people attending. lots to do. We played a sillection of traditional and slightly more modern tunes.

Thank you to the band members for attending and helping put on such a good show

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  1. jackie hole

    Hi I am one of the organisers of the Glapwell Carnival I glad to see you had a good time it all went in a blurr to me one minute I was on the field at 7am with no one else there then before long it was a crowded field and by 7pm there I was again all alone on the field with my dog. Any way to get to the point I was wondering if you could send me your photos so that I can add them to our carnival gallery. I would be most grateful, many thanks Jackie

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  2. Tony P/Sgt

    Well it was a very hot day and a long march but we got to the field with no casualties thanks to all who attended with the band and to all who came to support us. Thank you

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