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    A cold damp day in November but then it always is. Things do change on this Remembrance, year on year the service people who take part in the parade just keep growing. It was an honour to lead this parade which is the biggest I think we have seen. The Band rose to the occasion, we had 14 pipers and 6 drummers.

    The people of Mansfield turned out in great numbers to watch the parade, lining the Streets all the way to St. Peters Church

  2. Congratulations to Sam and Mark on thier promotions to Corporal. It is usual to promote members of the band at the annual dinner in April however it was necessary to take this extrodinary step due to the growth of the band. It is a good time for the band. I put this success down to the hard work and dedication of our members. Thank you to you all.


    The band was lead today by Pipe Sergeant Varley due to my necessary absence. He was assisted by Pipe Sergeant Gullen. I have had a number of reports back from band members and service personnel and what a fine job they did. I am told that the support from the great people of Mansfield was something to behold. The crowd was packed many people deap all the way down Westgate and into the market. They clapped and cheared all the way as the band drew there attention to the parade with a colection of traditional Scotish marching tunes.

  4. Amazing weekend. So much to do and not enough time to do it all. The organser of the event said that we added something different and unique to this well established Country show. This was Notts and Leicester combind Seaforth Bands and it was huge 16 pipers and 8 drummers. I want to say thank you for the members that turned out. I want to say thank you to Steve, the Pipe Major of Leicester Seaforths for involving us in this and a special thank you to Howard Brothers Ltd for letting most of the band on thier steam powered carousel to play the tune "green hills"  while going round and round and round good sports. Just sorry I did not get a photo of that.

    If you consider you need what can only be described as a large band at your event we can provide that

  5. This was the 90th Anniversary of the Royal British Legion at leek. We have played before under adverse conditions but not in this way. The rain was relentless. wellington boots were the order of the day. Thank goodness for the cape.

    Despite the weather there was a good turnout for the parade around the Town to Brough Park. We were very wet by the time we got there but the crowds cheered us on. Most of them followed on to take part at the Drumhead Service.

    The Band played again in the rain to entertain the crowd to shouts and cheers, while the time table was re shuffled due to the weather.

    Our final performance was moved to a large marquee where most people were sheltering from the rain. It was the beer tent, there is always a silver lining. We played a selection of contempary tunes and even got shouts of more, which we did.

    I will say thank you and well done to all the band who attended and played well in such extreme conditions. We could not have been wetter if we played in a swimming pool.

  6. This years event did not dissapoint. The band lead the parade starting on time followed by many of the local children in fancy dress with thier parents and friends. We played around the village proclaiming that the fate was starting. By the time we reached the field we had most of the village in tow.

    The weather was great sunshine all day. The main arena was packed with entertainment throughout the day and we played mid afternoon to a most appreciative crowd.

    Great day out for all of us

  7. Wow! for a man who is never short of words, what a great weekend. If you have never been to Blists Hill Victorian Town, you should. The place is huge, There is like a posh bit at the top with shops and a real pub. You then work down hill to the steel works. Past the steel works to the poor housing. There is a house there smaller than my shed where 2 adults and 8 children lived.

    The staff are very friendly and helpfull and encourage visiters to take in the whole experiance.

    We played all three days of the Bank Holiday and what a pleasure it was. Twice each day we played on the green where the main entertainment was and the crowd joined in with singing, dancing and rapterous applause. We even played encores. We also had a roving minstrel commission so played many times in many places drawing the crowds where ever we played, enjoying great appreciation.