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  1. Rememberance

    Mansfield Town Centre and the Parade of Remembrance is waiting for the words of command to take the long journey back up hill from St.Peters Church to the Civic Centre.

    The day itself was probably the warmest and most certainly the driest that I ever remember. The turnout was fantastic from the crowds. the band and the parade. I chose this picture just to show the number of people that turned out to parade. In the front is Piper Alex Smith and yes the Police transit is at the back, a long way back. Thank you to every one whom turned up to Honour the fallen.

    There is a theme to my blogs and that is that I was again proud to be the Pipe Major of this band. We played well despite the chill wind and new tunes but we still maintained the tunes and had some great starts and finishes. The band size was great with 5 drummers and 13 Pipers.

    Now the thank you notes. Piper Alex Smith  for carrying the standard and very smart he was to. Piper Sam Wynn for again playing the Bass drum and doing a sterling job. Colin McAlpine for looking smart, Pipe Sergeant Tony Varley for  an excellent rendition of the lament (sorry you missed the cup of Tea) and every other member of the band for attending and putting the effort in to making us look and sound great.
  2. Piper Richard Galloway and his lovely wife Martha celebrated their 50th welling anniversary with family and friends at the council hall in Retford on Saturday 16/10/2010. Where guests where entertained by a ceilidh band. As is our custom the Seaforth Highlanders played during the night as a special treat for Richard and Martha.

    The band played well with some pretty good starts and finishes, the hard work pays off when members of the audience mention it. Keep up the great work.

    There is an apology though, I did not take a camera because my daughter has it, so if you have a good picture of Richard, Martha or the band email it to me please.