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Remembrance 2011

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A cold damp day in November but then it always is. Things do change on this Remembrance, year on year the service people who take part in the parade just keep growing. It was an honour to lead this parade which is the biggest I think we have seen. The Band rose to the occasion, we had 14 pipers and 6 drummers.

The people of Mansfield turned out in great numbers to watch the parade, lining the Streets all the way to St. Peters Church

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  1. s.gullen

    every year we play on remembrance day our hearts and souls go into playing for the people of Mansfield and remembering those past and present service men and women who serve our country

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  2. tony P/Sgt

    I might also add that it was an honour to be part of the band as we all played very well and to have comments from some of the Officers on parade even better WELL DONE TO ALL

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