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Blists Hill May Bank Holiday

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Wow! for a man who is never short of words, what a great weekend. If you have never been to Blists Hill Victorian Town, you should. The place is huge, There is like a posh bit at the top with shops and a real pub. You then work down hill to the steel works. Past the steel works to the poor housing. There is a house there smaller than my shed where 2 adults and 8 children lived.

The staff are very friendly and helpfull and encourage visiters to take in the whole experiance.

We played all three days of the Bank Holiday and what a pleasure it was. Twice each day we played on the green where the main entertainment was and the crowd joined in with singing, dancing and rapterous applause. We even played encores. We also had a roving minstrel commission so played many times in many places drawing the crowds where ever we played, enjoying great appreciation.