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  1. Yet another cold damp day in November but we are proud to remember them.

    It is always a privilage to lead the Parade at Mansfield as we unite in our memories. I am sure it gets bigger each year and so it should.

    Thank you to all who turned out.

  2. Its been a while since we added some photo's, so here we are. Second time at the Marehay village gala 2015. A well organised well attended event and the sun shine was there for most of it. Thank you for all the band who were able to attend and thank to for the supporters. We played well and enjoyed the appreciation of the crowds. I just had to include the picture of Pipe Sergeant Tony Varley and a cup of tea, every thing stops for tea

  3. You may have seen on Facebook that this year’s event was marked by a serious fire in the pavilion which resulted in the loss of all the food for the hog roast and BBQ, not to say a total loss of the pavilion its self. I have to congratulate the event organisers for the way this was handled and the event went off as if nothing had happened and that must have taken some sorting. The opening parade was started one hour after the programmed start and involved marching around the field rather than the road.

    It was a really hot day and all went so well despite the fire.

  4. A bright but windy day, Fantastic sound from the Pipes as we led a small but select parade onto the football pitch for a short ceremony of remembrance. Piper Dave Abbott played the lament and very well to.

    Thank you to the British Legion for asking us to be part of this day.

  5. Sorry about the quality of the photos but I had to put then on the website. The light on the stage caused some over exposure.

    It was a fantastic start to something new for us. We marched on to Greenhills, played intercontinental with the Royal Engineers Military Band and were joined by the Radcliffe on Trent MVC and The Cranwell Military wives Choir for a fantastic rendition of Highland Cathedral to finish the evening.

    We have received some really good feedback from many people none of whom I would embarace by quoting. Just cannot wait till our next concert.

    Thank you to all who organised the concert, all who took part and all who came to support us at this sell out event

  6. I have no idea where to start to say Massive thank you’s to everyone. The 49th Annual dinner 2015 of the Seaforth Highlanders (Notts Branch) went so well. It would be unfair to name individuals, for one it would probably fill a page. The band played probably the best we have played.

    I am so proud the be the Pipe Major of this Band, yes there was a lot of planning but it was worth it, everyone who played, everyone who had a speaking part, everyone who helped were exceptional, thank you.

    Then of course the family and friends who attended to support us thank you and the Oakham suite who really did us proud. Fantastic staff.

    You might have noticed I am very happy about this dinner and it was special for so many reasons. How do we beat this for next year?

    Bob Orridge