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  1. Three days at Blists Hill Victorian Town Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd, and Monday 4th June. Sunday saw small crowds due to alot of rain however, Saturday and Monday saw large crowds. We played twice each day as per the event timetable and many times around the town drawing crouds as we did so. We worked with the horses so as not to frighten them and would play wherever the various shows needed a crowd. It was great to meet up with old friends and to make new ones. I was very pleased with the turn out so far from home. We had 9 pipers and 2 drummers. The playing was consistantly awsome to say physical exhasution played its part (so did whiskey in some cases lol)


  2. A Festival of Cycling in Thoresby park. Today saw us Piping at Thoresby Park on an overcast and chilly day. This event was organised by "Muddy" Waters and was a spectacular weekend of unicycle and penny farthing racing. I have never seen so many of these machines in one place at one time, it was great. We added some entertainment between races and had the pleasure of playing during the feature event which was a 1 hour penny farthing race. I had the oppertunity of riding a penny farthing but wearing a kilt and them being so tall, I thought discretion is the better part of valour and declined. A good all round event with plenty of stalls and things to do.

  3. As you can see, a bit tight for space this year at the Oakham Suite, Mansfield, for the Annual Dinner. Why I hear you ask, well I will tell you. Thank you to all those family and friends that supported us this year we filled the place with 196 people sat for a five course meal. Amazin' turn out.

    There are so many thank you's this year, Julia and David Colely were superb as duty Pipers as guests found a seat (no mean feat)

    Pipe Sergeant Varley for Piping the Honoured Guests to the top table.

    Pipe Sergeant Gullen (skidoo) as Toast Master.

    Piper David Ross for his solo on Highland Cathedral.

    All band members for playing so well, it was awsome (but I am biased but they were good)

    Congratulations to drummers Tony and Lewis on there first band performance.

    There were 16 pipers and 8 drummers, yes 8 drummers.

    The feed back from very many guests has been that this has been the best Dinner for many years.

    Thank you all who helped make such a magical evening.


  4. Worksop MH

    A Mini Band played at the Worksop Masonic Hall, Nottinghamshire, dressed in evening wear. This was a Burns night celebration. Julia and David played as the guests got seated. Robert played the top table into dine. Then came the address to the haggis which Alex did in superbly animated style, the like of which i have not seen before yet superb.

    We then played  a selection of familiar tunes together after the formal toasts. Heather was on the side drum, she played exceptionally adding depth to the overall sound.

    We came off to a standing ovation and recieved many many words of approval from those present.