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  1. For the fourth year we have played at the Blists Hill Victorian Town over the May Bank Holiday. Saturday was I can only describe as very wet, It rained all day.

    There is a picture of us playing in the coconut shy just to keep us dry but despite the weather our spirits were high. We were allowed again to play in the foundry which has great acoustics.

    The Sunday was very similar but there were breaks in the rain and again we gave eight performances throughout the day.

    Yet the Monday was glorious sunshine for most of it and the museum had substantially more visitors.

    The commitment of Band members never ceases to amaze me. Weather caravan, guest house, traveling every day or traveling on one day that they are available. The playing this year was superb on all three days. Thank you to all of you.

    One thing that makes the weekend also are the staff at Blists Hill who are so friendly and helpful it is like meeting old friends again.